Use Of A Trade Name Similar Or Deceptively Similar To The Registered Trade Mark Would Not Constitute Infringement Under Section 29(5) Of Trade Marks Act: Delhi HC [Read Judgment] | Live Law

” What has been constituted as infringement under Section 29(5) is use of the registered trade mark as trade name or part of the trade name.”, Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw. The Delhi High Court drew a distinction between cases of infringement by use of ‘trade name’ under Section 29(5) of the Trade Marks Act, and the cases …

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West Bengal trademark battle over biriyani leaves ‘Malabar’ amused

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: There can be no right to the exclusive commercial use of the word ‘Malabar’, ruled the Supreme Court in a trademark battle between two companies to use the particular nomenclature for the sale of Biriyani rice. That the entities involved in the legal tussle are from West Bengal has literally taken Kerala, especially the Malabar region, by surprise.

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Boeing Trademarks ‘797’, Airbus Renames C Series

Analysts and the media aren’t the only ones calling Boeing ( BA) potential new midmarket plane the “797.” Boeing trademarked the name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office in August 2017, Flight Global reported Tuesday. The trademark is another sign that the new plane, Boeing’s answer to the Airbus ( EADSY) A320neo, is likely happening.

‘Cockygate’ Trademark Row Causes Heartbreak in U.S. Indie Romance Novel Publishing Industry – | Patents & Patent Law

The U.S. romance publishing industry has been roiling over a trademark issue which has been less-than-affectionately referred to as Cockygate. According to various reports, romance writer Faleena Hopkins has been asserting a trademark she registered to prevent use of the word “Cocky” in titles of adult romance novels.

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