ISP Telenor Will Block The Pirate Bay in Sweden Without a Shot Fired – TorrentFreak

Telenor, an ISP that has long fought against site-blocking in Sweden, will now begin blocking The Pirate Bay, apparently voluntarily. The development isn’t the result of a direct court order against the company, rather its final consolidation with Bredbandsbolaget, an ISP owned by Telenor that was previously ordered to block the infamous torrent site.

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Major Pirate Site Operators’ Sentences Increased on Appeal – TorrentFreak

Two men behind defunct pirate streaming site Swefilmer have had their sentences increased by the Court of Appeal in Sweden. The main operator was originally sentenced to three years in prison but is now required to serve a four-year sentence and pay additional damages. The second man has had his conditional sentence augmented with a fine.

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Cloudflare is Liable For Pirate Sites & Has No Safe Harbor, Publisher Says – TorrentFreak

Cloudflare should be held liable for copyright infringements committed by its customers, adult publisher ALS Scan has informed the California District Court. The company requests a partial summary judgment, claiming that the CDN provider assists pirates and doesn’t qualify for safe harbor protection. “The evidence is undisputed,” ALS writes.

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China Seriously Doubts Objectivity of US ‘Pirate Site’ List – TorrentFreak

Every year the US Government pinpoints some of the largest piracy websites and other copyright-infringing venues. The USTR calls on foreign countries to take appropriate action in response, but not all are convinced of the objectivity of the “notorious markets” list. China’s commerce ministry, for one, notes that the US claims lack conclusive evidence and relevant data.

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