AICTE plans to spread awareness about patents among engineering students

BENGALURU: Engineering students of various colleges have been coming up with remarkable innovations through their college projects. Some have even impressed private sector firms and also defence sector units, who have adopted at least parts of those technologies in their units. But, at the students’ level, those innovations are lost after they graduate from the colleges.

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Pro-Patent Bills Are In Congress. Why That Matters.

The patent troll narrative has dominated our cultural consciousness ever since a clever Intel lawyer coined the term in the early 2000s. Even if you know nothing about patents, you’re probably familiar with the concept. Companies with no intention of producing anything buy up overly broad patents to extort other businesses with.

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Oppositions Filed Against Gilead Hepatitis C Patent Applications In India – Intellectual Property Watch

Oppositions have been filed in India against two patent applications from US pharmaceutical company Gilead for important hepatitis C medicines, according to non-governmental sources. The opposition filings assert that these applications are “evergreening” patents and therefore violate Indian patent law.

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