Despite Pledging Openness, Companies Rush to Patent AI Tech

At Google’s cloud computing conference in San Francisco last week, CEO Sundar Pichai mused on his company’s commitment to openness in artificial intelligence. “We create open platforms and share our technology because it helps new ideas get out faster,” Pichai said. Then he name-checked TensorFlow, the machine-learning software Google developed and uses internally.

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Veniam Creates Patent Portfolio To Connect Vehicles To The Cloud And Profitability

We’ve come to expect constant and ubiquitous connectivity from our mobile devices and get frustrated when we can’t get a signal to access the information and services we need. With millions of vehicles getting connected and eventually becoming autonomous, a lost connection will mean more than a personal inconvenience and could affect everything from traffic flow to passenger safety.

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Congresswoman Lofgren Sends Letter to USPTO Director Iancu Opposing Proposed Changes to Claim Construction Rule at PTAB – | Patents & Patent Law

Congresswoman Lofgren is now opposing a rule change she previously endorsed as an original co-sponsor of a bill that would have changed the claim construction rule in exactly the same way proposed by Director Iancu… But how is adopting a rule that would have already been the law had Lofgren had her way possibly frustrate or disregard Congress?