Regulating The Internet And Emerging Technology: The Path Ahead – Intellectual Property Watch

by for Intellectual Property Watch Regulators meeting at the UN International Telecommunication Union this week were attempting to advance guiding principles for the regulation of 5G spectrum, artificial intelligence, internet connectivity and cyber security. Available only for IP-Watch Subscribers. Please login or subscribe to read the full story.

Major Pirate Site Operators’ Sentences Increased on Appeal – TorrentFreak

Two men behind defunct pirate streaming site Swefilmer have had their sentences increased by the Court of Appeal in Sweden. The main operator was originally sentenced to three years in prison but is now required to serve a four-year sentence and pay additional damages. The second man has had his conditional sentence augmented with a fine.

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Can Spotify Pull Off Music’s Power Move?

Nearly four years ago, an executive at Spotify, the Swedish music streaming giant, made what in retrospect may not have been the smartest statement. In a comment to the U.S. Copyright Office, James Duffett-Smith, the company’s head of licensing business affairs, said it was not always “possible or economically feasible to identify each co-author of a copyrighted musical work.”

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