Government consulting on safe harbour industry code regulations | ZDNet

Parliament is getting ready to pass its amendments to modernise the Copyright Act, with the Australian Department of Communications releasing new regulations to complement the legislation. The Copyright Amendment (Service Providers) Bill 2017 will expand the safe harbour regime to the educational, cultural, and disability sectors, including while such organisations use a cloud service provider.

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ISP Questions Impartiality of Judges in Copyright Troll Cases – TorrentFreak

As a staunch defender of privacy and serial critic of copyright trolling activities, Bahnhof has carved out a niche as one of the most customer-friendly ISPs in Sweden. The company certainly isn’t scared of speaking its mind and in a new broadside, it targets several of the country’s judges, questioning their impartiality for supporting pro-copyright groups while presiding over important copyright cases.

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ISP Telenor Will Block The Pirate Bay in Sweden Without a Shot Fired – TorrentFreak

Telenor, an ISP that has long fought against site-blocking in Sweden, will now begin blocking The Pirate Bay, apparently voluntarily. The development isn’t the result of a direct court order against the company, rather its final consolidation with Bredbandsbolaget, an ISP owned by Telenor that was previously ordered to block the infamous torrent site.

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Judge Issues Mixed Order in RIAA’s Piracy Case Against ISP Grande – TorrentFreak

ISP Grande Communications and the RIAA are continuing their fight in court. US Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin recommends dropping the infringement claims against Grande’s management company and the vicarious infringement claim against the ISP itself. However, the request to dismiss the contributory infringement claim should be denied.

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ISP Warns Pirates They Could Lose Control Of Their Home Heating

Share to email Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Share to google Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Armstrong Zoom has warned its million or so customers, most of whom live in areas where a loss of heating could have severe repercussions, that repeat copyright infringement could be punished by a drastically slowed internet connection.

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