Stakeholders Submit Views On South Africa Copyright Amendment – Intellectual Property Watch

The call for public comments on the Copyright Amendment Bill by South Africa’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry attracted a wide range of interest and contributions from local and international IP stakeholders. South Africa’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry published select clauses of the Copyright Amendment Bill for public comment.

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Misconception that India subsidises exports: Suresh Prabhu

The country’s focus is to keep the World Trade Organization strong, said Union Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu on Saturday, at a programme organised by the Federation of Indian Export Organisation in Kolkata. While addressing the programme, he said that the Indian government is not providing any subsidies to exporters and that it is a big misconception.

IPR in Digicomms era: An essential constant amidst welcome changes

IPR in Digicomms era: The recently-released Draft National Digital Communications Policy (DNDCP) is a universally-acclaimed shift in how the telecommunications industry in India is to be viewed. It points to a brighter path forward, since it covers a comprehensive look at India’s telecom industry-infrastructure, services, security and impact on the economy.

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IP regime may be tweaked to boost Artificial Intelligence research

NEW DELHI: The government is looking to tweak the existing intellectual property regime to make it more flexible and widen its scope to encourage research and innovation in artificial intelligence (AI). A high-level task force will soon be set up to examine and issue appropriate modifications to the existing intellectual property regulatory regime pertaining to AI.

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Legislation For South Africa’s New IP Policy Likely After Elections Next Year – Intellectual Property Watch

Legislative changes giving effect to South Africa’s recently published Intellectual Property Policy “Phase 1” will not take place during this term of government, the country’s trade minister has said. Meanwhile, a side-by-side comparison with the 2017 draft legislation shows a series of changes in the final policy, and the pharmaceutical industry is complaining but appears determined to continue investing in the country.

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The Collapse of U.S. Patent Policy by a Supreme Court preoccupied with Patent Trolls – | Patents & Patent Law

U.S. patent policy has collapsed at the hands of a Supreme Court preoccupied with patent trolls, who were not present in a single dispute they were asked to adjudicate. The U.S. increasingly forbids patents on cutting edge biotechnology, software, and other innovations. For this we have only the Supreme Court to thank.

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