Protecting innovation in pharma is in Ireland’s interests

In Brussels, the European Commission has tabled a proposal late in its term that would weaken the incentive to produce new medicines and the jobs that come with them. The change, under discussion at meetings this week in Brussels, would mean a shortened patent protection period for new medicines, allowing for copies to be produced by generic manufacturers for export to countries outside the EU.

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West to lose innovation race by 2029

StockFinland / The US, EU and UK are set to lose their innovation leadership positions to China and South Korea by 2029 if they don’t take steps to improve innovation and commercialisation processes. According to a new report from the non-profit Center for Advancing Innovation ( CAI), the US has already lost its leadership position in global patent efficiency.

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Sun Pharma’s unit presses more charges against Biofrontera in patent infringement case

DUSA Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s largest drugmaker Sun Pharma Thursday said it has filed trade secret misappropriation and tortious interference claims in an ongoing patent infringement lawsuit against German drug maker Biofrontera and its subsidiaries in the US.

YouTube Announces New Copyright Match Tool To Protect Creators Against Re-Uploads

YouTube has announced a new tool that will help creators take down content that has been copied and re-uploaded by other users. Called the Copyright Match tool, the new feature is designed to scan YouTube and automatically find videos that may have been re-uploaded by other people without the original creator’s permission.