Copyright Troll Law Firm Broke Copyright Law, Disciplinary Board Finds – TorrentFreak

A law firm deeply entrenched in so-called copyright troll activities in Finland broke copyright law itself, a disciplinary board has found. Hedman Partners sent out letters demanding large sums to make supposed lawsuits disappear but according to the Finnish Bar Association, it committed an offense when it obtained private subscriber data for one client but then used it with others.

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ISP Questions Impartiality of Judges in Copyright Troll Cases – TorrentFreak

As a staunch defender of privacy and serial critic of copyright trolling activities, Bahnhof has carved out a niche as one of the most customer-friendly ISPs in Sweden. The company certainly isn’t scared of speaking its mind and in a new broadside, it targets several of the country’s judges, questioning their impartiality for supporting pro-copyright groups while presiding over important copyright cases.

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Copyright Trolls Obtained Details of 200,000 Finnish Internet Users – TorrentFreak

In general terms, Finland was targeted by copyright trolls fairly late in the day, during 2013. But according to information compiled by an NGO activist, they’re certainly making up for lost time. Since December 2013, the Market Court has ordered local ISPs to hand over the personal details of more than 200,000 Internet users, so that copyright trolls can pursue them for cash settlements.

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