Despite Pledging Openness, Companies Rush to Patent AI Tech

At Google’s cloud computing conference in San Francisco last week, CEO Sundar Pichai mused on his company’s commitment to openness in artificial intelligence. “We create open platforms and share our technology because it helps new ideas get out faster,” Pichai said. Then he name-checked TensorFlow, the machine-learning software Google developed and uses internally.

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UAE, India sign MoU for artificial intelligence, aim to generate $20bn in benefits

The UAE has signed a partnership with India to develop artificial intelligence (AI) with plans to generate an $20bn in economic benefits during the next decade. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the India – UAE Artificial Intelligence Bridge will “spur discussion and explore options for both countries to grow their AI economies”, a statement said.

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AI superpower or client nation?

Google’s CEO compares AI (artificial intelligence) with fire and electricity in terms of their role in human civilisation, while Stephan Hawking feared that AI could end humanity. We are facing something really extraordinary. Industrial revolution moved the centres of physical power from human and animal bodies to machines.

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European Commission Appoints Artificial Intelligence Expert Group, Launches AI Alliance – Intellectual Property Watch

by Intellectual Property Watch By David Branigan for Intellectual Property Watch The European Commission appointed 52 experts today to a new High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, and also launched the AI Alliance, an online forum to facilitate broad participation in dialogue on the burgeoning technology.

India’s big AI dreams just got a reality check-from the government itself

Three months after India announced a major mission to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) for its development programmes, the Narendra Modi government has realised that things are easier said than done. In a discussion paper (pdf) released on June 04, the government’s think-tank Niti Aayog outlined India’s AI strategy, identifying five major sectors to focus on: health care, agriculture,…

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Society needs the Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act now

On December 31, 2015, I published my original call to arms for society’s rational regulation of artificial intelligence before it is too late. I explained certain reasons why someone who is against solving problems through regulation would propose precisely that mechanism to help hedge the threats created by AI, and announced my proposed legislation: The Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act (AIDPA).

How Human Detectives Catch AI Thieves

Last December, a U.S. National Security Strategy (NSS) declared artificial intelligence (AI) “critical to America’s economic growth and security,” but warned that China and other countries have attempted to “steal U.S. intellectual property” in the field of AI. To be fair, China has made great strides lately in strengthening its own enforcement of patent rights.

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