‘I lay no claim to originality’- M.K. Gandhi

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“I have written twenty chapters on the subject of Indian Home Rule which I venture to place before the readers of Indian Opinion. I have read much, I have pondered much. During the stay for four months in London of the Transvaal Indian deputation I discussed things with as many of my countrymen as I could. I met, too, as many Englishmen as it was possible for me to meet. I consider it my duty now to place before the readers of Indian Opinion the conclusions, which appear to me to be final. The Gujarati subscribers of Indian Opinion number about 800. I am aware that, for every subscriber, there are at least ten persons who read the paper with zest. Those who cannot read Gujarati have the paper read to them. Such persons have often questioned me about the conditions of India. Similar questions were addressed to me in London. I felt, therefore, that it might not be improper for me to ventilate publicly the views expressed by me in private.

These views are mine, and yet not mine. They are mine because I hope to act according to them. They are almost a part of my being. But, yet, they are not mine, because I lay no claim to originality. They have been formed after reading several books. That which I dimly felt received support from these books.”

(Excerpt from the Foreword of the book Hind Swaraj, M.K. Gandhi).

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