About Us


To fill the research data gap in the domain of IP policy issues and assist stakeholders in formation and implementation of the National IPR Policy. Provide low cost IP (critical & interdisciplinary) education. To seek improvement in the IP eco-system to encourage invention & innovation in India and other emerging economies.


What We Do

iprpolicy.com is an India-based startup engaged in conducting interdisciplinary research on intellectual property policy issues with a view to contribute in development and formation of holistic IPR policies for the benefit of all stakeholders including the IP owners, the government, students, enterprises, and the members of public.

The advent of disruptive technology and adoption of an evolved IP system from the West has raised a host of IP policy issues (market and social problems) in India and other emerging economies. There is an apparent disconnect between the adopted IP system in their legal cultures and the current economic practices in these countries, which requires a meticulous research of each country’s needs in terms of economic growth and innovation and its capacity to optimally utilize the intellectual property issues by IP owners, government, businesses, and citizens.

The experts at iprpolicy.com analyze the information necessary for making IP policy decisions by the IP stakeholders. The initiative intends to fill the gap through interdisciplinary research (legal, economic and market conditions) on policy issues.

Additionally, iprpolicy.com provides an open access public domain for publication on IP policy issues.



Research & analysis on intellectual property policy
IP consultancy specific to India
IP education modules for various stakeholders
Customized training programs on IP
IP valuation and mapping
Assistance to early stage startups on IP development, protection and monetization